How You Can Get a Modem for Absolutely Free or at the Lowest Cost Anywhere.

There's always the convenience of purchasing a modem through normal retail outlets, but you end up paying for that convenience. You don't always have to buy a modem. Why not figure out how to get the modem that you need for free or for really cheap? Whether you're looking for a 56K modem, cable modem, DSL modem, or even a satellite modem, there are some simple techniques that you can use to get what you need in a thrifty manner. Let's discuss the ways that you can get a modem for free or at a rock bottom price:

  1. Phone Calls to Computer Friends
    One way to quickly obtain a free or low-cost modem of your choice is to call all of the people that you know that have computers or work in the computer field. Make a list of family members, friends, and co-workers first. Give them a call and simply tell them that you need a modem and ask if they have one that they would like to give away or sell you. Nine times out of ten, if they have an extra one, they will give it to you for free. Remember, people feel good when they are able to help someone. Let them give it to you for free and then shower them with gratitude. They will smile all day long and so will you.

    If you run out of luck on these attempts, then expand your calling list to mere acquaintances, computer workers at your company, or others with possibilities. You still have a chance of getting a modem for free with additional tries.

  2. Put Out a Flyer
    Create a wanted flyer and detail what kind of modem you are wanting along with your phone number. It doesn't cost too much to stick up some of these flyers on local billboards in stores, laundry mats, or other public areas. Often, others will call you with one that they want to sell. You can probably get it for real cheap. Sometimes people will call you and tell you that you can have one for free - just to get it out of their house. Worth a try.
  3. Broken Computers
    Solicit others for their broken computers. You can use flyers, phone calls, or other means to find machines that are no longer wanted. More often than not these broke machines will only have one thing wrong with them, such as a bad power supply, missing processor, no memory, etc. They could probably be fixed if you had the time to mess with them. Since you are just looking for a modem, try pulling out the modem in the faulty computer and using it. It's a good bet it is still fully functional.
  4. Check With Free Organizations
    There are a few organizations, like Freecycle, where the members offer free things to other members. You can also post for things that you want (like a modem). It doesn't hurt to join such organizations and they usually have a local chapter near you.
  5. Contests
    Many sites will frequently run contests of some sort and award computer hardware or software as the prizes. Find one that has a modem as a prize and go for it. Read the rules of the contest thoroughly and try to improve your odds of winning any way that you can. To find contests that are awarding modems as prizes, do a Google search and enter the keywords: "win a modem" (make sure you put it all in quotation marks). Check out some of the sites.
  6. Event Giveaways
    During many events or meetings, attendance or door prizes are often given away. Computer vendors commonly provide such gifts to attendees in order to increase their public exposure. Try to attend a few such events in your area. Sometimes the hosting companies will provide a gift or prize list prior to the event. The downside of such possibilities is that you usually have to be a person that can benefit the vendor in some way by promoting their company or increasing their sales through purchases, etc. If you work for a company that is or can be involved in mutually beneficial vendor relationships, you may be able to attend these types of giveaway events.
  7. Manufacturer's Sample
    Do you have the ability to write well? Can you write a product review? If you can and have an outlet for your masterpiece, then perhaps you can convince a modem manufacturer to send you a modem in exchange for your product review. Send a letter or email to the modem manufacturer and state your offer. Be sure to provide a copy of the review to the manufacturer, as well. You'll have a better chance of having a modem sent to you if you can be sure of having your review published in a well-known publication or on a well-known website. Also, make sure that you know the rules when the manufacturer sends you the modem. Often, the modem is yours to keep. Sometimes, though, you may have to return the item back to the manufacturer after you have finished with the product review.
  8. Yard Sales
    Let's not forget this opportunity. Not to sound biased, but often women are the producers of yard sales and that can lead to great deals, since they may not be aware of the value of the modem that they have for sale. Men really get into technology. Women do, too, but it's just not as likely. So, when you go to a yard sale and see computer items on the table, take a chance and negotiate a better deal. Use the art of persuasion to lower the price and you can come away with a real bargain. This is not a license to take advantage of the seller, though. Be sure to make the situation a win-win for both.
  9. Thrift Stores
    We're not just talking about the local Goodwill store here. You should certainly try out the Goodwill store, but there will also be other bargain stores like thrift, consignment, and odds & ends -type establishments. You never know what you can come across in these stores, but you might just find what you're looking for at a great, low price.
  10. Mini-Storage Auctions
    You've seen those mini-storage buildings, the ones that have units for rent for people to store their extra stuff. Well, sometimes people don't pay their rent and the mini-storage owner has a recourse, which is to sell the contents of the unit to the highest bidder. Call the storage building owners in your area and find out when is the next auction. There are different rules, regulations, and laws depending on your state, but usually you can view some of the contents when the unit is opened for sale. You'll need to spy with your little eye any semblance of computer hardware, specifically modems. Make a bid and you may end up the owner of the contents, and the modem, at a great price.
  11. Local Auctions
    You might have observed those auction signs that pop up near homes or businesses around town. You may have also seen an auction house nearby. Sometimes they are just mom and pop operations where anyone can bring their items in to have auctioneers auction them off. In either case, you may want to check out the offerings to see if you can pick up a good deal on a modem. Many people will go to auctions for specific things, like antiques. When computer hardware items, like modems, come up for auction, sometimes there is not much interest and you will be able to win them with a low bid.
  12. Online Auctions
    One of the best ways to get an inexpensive modem (or most anything) is by visiting an online auction website and winning a bid on one. A lot of sellers get rid of their surplus items by selling them on sites such as eBay, Yahoo Auctions, or uBid. These sites have help sections that will assist you in getting started if you are unfamiliar with this world.
  13. Garbage Dumpster
    After normal work hours, hang out in back of the local computer store and dig for treasure. You might find a modem. You might find more. Be sure to observe local laws and such. Inappropriate dumpster diving ain't worth going to jail over.
  14. Classified Ads
    You can always put a classified ad in the paper for that hard-to-find modem. Might cost you a little bit to put the ad out, but you might make up for it when someone sees it and has one for you. On the flip side, you can look in the paper at the "for sale" items for a modem. More rare to find one this way, but it can be done.
  15. On Sale
    Anywhere that you can find retail outlets, you can find something on sale. Keep your eyes on the local newspaper for sales circulars or go to local stores and pick up a flyer to find out about the sales. Don't forget about the online sales, either. You'll have to be diligent and do some footwork/keyboard work, but it can pay off with a good deal on a modem.
  16. Retail Store
    Last, but not least, be sure to check normal retail vendors. Compare prices to get the best deal and always be on the lookout for surplus stock liquidations. Psst, here's another secret: look closely at the price tags on the modems for sale. On rare occasions, there is a mistake in the pricing and you can get a modem for an excellent price because many retailers always honor their prices. Be aware of such things and you can get it for less !


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